Pallet collars

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Pallet collar is a strong and durable product that allows safely storing and transporting a variety of goods. From strong material box protects your goods fully and allows emptying the box step by step, by removing the collars elevation in succession. Thanks to the corners hinges are collars foldable and take little space in storages. Pallet collars are made only from kiln dry, IPPC certified softwood, which makes the product well suitable for export packing. Pallet collar is long lasting and reusable packaging solution.

Pallet collar size

EUR Pallet Collar
Collar Size (mm) Weight (kg)
1/2 EUR 600x800 6,5
EUR 800x1200 8
FIN 1000x1200 10
Custom 400-3500 -

Special shape pallet collar

Custom Pallet Collar

We are able to produce numerous custom designed and special shape pallet collars. From our product range can be found with six hinges and with different height pallet collars.

Pallet Collar Divider


Pallet collar dividers are made of plywood and easy to handle. It gives you opportunity to divide pallet collar into several smaller compartments and use the space flexibley for different size products.

Color scheme

For pallet collars we offer almost unlimited choice of colors:

  • Boards*
  • Hinges
  • Client logo**

* For your pallet collars we use only environmentally friendly water-based paint

** One or more color client logo printing on pallet collar sides

RAL Colorurs


Give life to your garden. You can use our collars in different ways: build different flower decorations simply and cost effective, use as a compost case, use as a garden bed box etc. You can find this product from Decora stores.

Plant box


Pallet collars are packed into 108 pcs. bundles and a trailer can load up to 2808 EUR pallet collars as a maximum per one load.

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