Wood planing service

AS Ilmre offers planing service with 8 shaft planers LEADERMAC LMC 823 SPEEDMAC

Planer specification:

  • Feeding speed 6-60 meter per minute.
  • Working width: 20 - 230 mm.
  • Working height: 10 - 150 mm.
  • We can plane on all products that comply with the technical specifications of a planer.

    Wood splitting

    Wood splitting service

    AS Ilmre offers wood splitting service with band saw.

    In most cases, the aim is to cut timber into two equal parts, which can be produced for indoor or outdoor high quality profiles.

    The most common profiles:
    from 38x100 to 2x 18x100
    from 44x100 to 2x 21x100
    from 44x125 to 2x 21x125
    from 44x150 to 2x 21x150
    from 47x100 to 2x 22,5x100
    from 47x125 to 2x 22,5x125
    from 47x150 to 2x 22,5x150 etc

    We can split wet or dry timber material.