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Pallet collars

Our pallet collar is a strong and durable product which allows for the safe storage and transportation of a variety of goods. Strong materials ensure the complete safety of goods and make it possible to unload the pallet gradually.


We manufacture a variety of standard and custom pallets made from heat-treated, ISPM 15 certified softwood.

Custom wooden packaging

We make custom wooden packaging based on the specifications of our customers. The packaging is manufactured using only kiln-dried, heat-treated and HT certified softwood.

Wooden packaging lids

Plywood or wooden lids ensure the security, cleanliness, safety, organisation and limited access of goods during transport. We manufacture lids in all sizes according to the specifications of our customers.

33 Years


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Ilmre OÜ, which began its operations in 1991, is a successful manufacturing company in the Estonian wooden packaging market. The primary field of the company is the manufacture of high-quality pallets, pallet collars and custom wooden packaging. The company is constantly developing and looking for new opportunities and challenges. We are quick and focused on what we do, both in our decision-making and the implementation of these decisions. We strive to be the best.

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Advantages of wooden packaging:

Easy to assemble and saves space

Pallet collars come in bundles of 108 and are folded. This makes pallet collars the most compact type of wooden packaging, saving 80-90% of space when storing or transporting empty packaging.

Reliable and reusable

Wooden packaging consisting of a pallet, pallet collar and lid is able to withstand a large lateral and vertical load. Such a construction ensures that goods are safe and secure during transport.